Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Becoming a big boy

Kevin seems to be turning the corner from baby-toddler to toddler-kid right before my eyes! The other day at his oral-deaf school, he really impressed me and made me realize that he isn't a baby anymore. They always start the day with a music session and since he only goes on the day when all the 'babies' attend, they sing baby songs. One of the songs they sing is Patty-cake and they end the song with hand movements of 'marking it with a B-B-B-B-B'. Kevin took part in this and sang right along moving his hands and saying 'B-B-B-B-B' somewhat with the right timing of the song. He also did the same thing when they sang the vowels and ended with the short sound of the 'U'. He moved his hands and sang 'uh-uh-uh'. He loved it!!!! He also ran around with the older kids and seemed to fit right in. This is a major turning point because up until then, he wanted me to hold him during song time because he felt uncomfortable with all the chaos of that time.

We started gymnastics on Monday and the coils stayed on surprisingly well. While ont the trampoline, they sometimes fell off, but not too bad. I was pretty pleased. The next thing I need to do is try to figure out a way to put a helmet on his head without the coils falling off. His big brother is getting a bike for Christmas and so Kevin will inherit the trike and I want him to wear a helmet when riding. I think I might try a skullcap, but so far, Kevin has not 'allowed' me put anything on his head yet. Reasoning with him is still pretty difficult, after all, he is only 19 months. We'll see how this goes.....!


Drew's Mom said...

Just curious...what strength magnet is Kevin using? You said they stayed on well - I can't imagine that was with a strengh 1.

Kristen said...

He is actually wearing a strength 1/2. They do fall off at times, but not nearly as much as I assumed they would. The toupe tape helps a ton because I have noticed that if the ear piece doesn't move, the coils don't move as much.