Thursday, December 20, 2007


I was so amazed to hear Kevin whispering today. My husband whispered something to him and he whispered his answer back!!! I don't exactly know why I am so surprised that Kevin can whisper, but it just fascinates me that he can detect and mimic the volume level in someone's voice. He seems to be adding words daily to his expressive language and his clarity is getting better and better.

On another note, we are experiencing some frustrating issues with his processors. It seems that the processors are faulty and they have all (4 of them) decided to break in the same week. The processor is locking when you turn it on so that you can't adjust the volume, program, or even turn it off without taking the battery out. Luckily, the processor is locked on the correct program. The bigger issue is, however. when I called Cochlear for replacement processors, they told me they don't have any. The processors are backordered. How absurd is that????? A cochlear implant company doesn't have any processors? Well, it turns out it is true. The processors are refurbished and too many people haven't turned the broken ones back in. Luckily, our implant center is giving us loaner processors to get us through until we can get our new ones. There was about 2 hours that I didn't know his still worked and I thought we wouldn't have them for a few weeks. Needless to say, I was crushed that his first hearing Christmas would be in silence, but all is well again, and he will hear Santa's reindeer land on our roof! :) Just one more gray hair for me from this experience!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Successful mapping

Kevin had his 9 month post-op mapping on Monday and it couldn't have gone better! I was soooo proud of him! He sat through the entire 2.5 hours, which is a feat alone! His map didn't change much, but they increased the levels in the mid range a bit. When he tested in the booth, he reliably performed the behavior-based testing which is where Kevin would through an object in a bucket every time he heard a sound. He tested at 15-20 db across the board!!! I can't believe it!!! The sounds were so soft a and he would look up and toss the block in the bucket. They said he was very young to be performing this task, but he did it so well. We have been working with him a lot during therapy to get him to do this. I guess it worked!!!

It is hard to believe that last year at this time we were having his ASSR testing done. With the ABR test, I would cry harder and harder every time they turned up the volume to test his hearing. On Monday, I had tears streaming down my eyes every time they lowered the volume and Kevin responded to the sound. It is amazing how much can change in just one year!!!

The audi was very impressed with Kevin's vocabulary both receptively and expressively. He is talking up a storm these days. He even said 'hotdog' today! I am so proud of Kevin and his progress. What a great Christmas present for us this year!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Another first for Kevin (and me)

Tonight I encountered another first with Kevin and his hearing. His bedtime routine usually consists of reading stories, brushing teeth, saying prayers while rocking him, then I remove his ears, rock for another minute and lay him down. He loves this routine and has been doing this for months. Well, tonight, I did everything the same, but when I went to remove his ears, he starting fighting to keep them on. He REALLY wanted to read 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' one more time. Mind you, we read this book about 20 times today!!! He wasn't trying to procrastinate, he just really wanted to hear it one more time before bedtime. I was saddened by the fact that he knew his sound would end and he wanted to hear the story one more time before silence, but also elated that he WANTED to HEAR the story one more time. I did end up reading the story one more time and he loved it just as much as the other 20 times today. I really hope his auditory memory is good enough to replay the story in his head as he went to sleep tonight. It warms my heart to think that he was replaying the sound of my voice with each animal in the book as he drifted off to sleep.

twinkling lights aren't for show

Ever since Halloween, people have been commenting on the blinking lights on Kevin's ears. He gets at least 2 comments a week these days. Most people think that I put 'twinkling' lights on his ears to be cute. It is somewhat amusing to see the reactions of people when they say something, come over to see them, and then realize that the lights aren't for show. They never know what to say and are afraid they offended me. I quickly smile and say something so that they don't feel embarrassed, but they usually run off quickly. I just find it interesting that everyone thinks my son has the 'coolest' accessory around! Maybe I can market some twinkling lights for kids without CIs. Now wouldn't that be a twist on this journey!!! :)