Monday, December 3, 2007

twinkling lights aren't for show

Ever since Halloween, people have been commenting on the blinking lights on Kevin's ears. He gets at least 2 comments a week these days. Most people think that I put 'twinkling' lights on his ears to be cute. It is somewhat amusing to see the reactions of people when they say something, come over to see them, and then realize that the lights aren't for show. They never know what to say and are afraid they offended me. I quickly smile and say something so that they don't feel embarrassed, but they usually run off quickly. I just find it interesting that everyone thinks my son has the 'coolest' accessory around! Maybe I can market some twinkling lights for kids without CIs. Now wouldn't that be a twist on this journey!!! :)


Drew's Mom said...

Too funny!

leahlefler said...

That's pretty funny! Pretty soon kids will start asking their moms for "ear lights," lol.