Saturday, December 9, 2006

background info

A little bit of background for all of you:

Kevin was diagnosed with a hearing loss from the newly activated (2 weeks prior to Kevin's birth) newborn hearing screening at the hospital when Kevin was about 18 hours old. We thought the test was incorrect, as all hearing parents do, and proceeded to retest the next day. After he failed 4 tests in the hospital, we was seen at Sutter Memorial by pediatric audiologists. They incorrectly diagnosed him with an ABR while he slept on my lap. I try not to think about that diagnosis too much because while it did delay us in getting him treatment, I did get to enjoy my baby for a short while without thinking there was something wrong with him.

At 6.5 months of age, we broght him in for another test and he failed his behavorial test. We did a sedated ABR on him a week later and he failed miserably. That was a hard week for us and I honestly felt like the world had come to an end. What I know now is that the world that I knew had come to an end, and I have now entered an unknown space and an exciting journey. I am ready for this challenge to raise Kevin and know that he was given to us for a reason. He will do great things in life and has a wonderful personality. He is very determined and adventurous, which will help him suceed in living with this challenge. He is also quite the charmer, with a great winning smile!!!

We interviewed a few surgeons and once I met Dr. Roberson from the California Ear Institute, I immediately knew that that is where we needed to treat Kevin. As I left, I told John that when we found out Kevin was deaf, it was like someone threw a 1000 piece puzzle up in the air and after we met Dr. Roberson, we have finally finished putting the frame together. I felt like things were going to get started in the right direction.

We have been very pleased with everyone we have met there. I think Kevin's team is full of strong people and he will do well. He goes in for a sedated ASSR test next week and then a CT Scan the week after. If all goes well, he is scheduled to have a bilateral surgery for cochlear implants on Jan. 11. I am so anxious waiting to find out if he is truly a candidate.

The big question for us is which device to choose. We are looking at the Advanced Bionics and the Cochlear devices. I wish there was a clear cut answer, but there just doesn't seem to be one.

Until next time.... we'll know more after Thursday when they perform the ASSR.

first post

This is my first post with a blog. I am testing to see how this will look. Kevin is our son and is currently 8 months old.