Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back in Stereo

Well, Kevin is back with two processors again!!! Yea! He fussed (screamed) for about 15 minutes, but once he realized what it was he was hearing, he seemed to really enjoy it again. We have him at %50 volume and will slowly turn him up over the course of the week. He was in a really good mood tonight and even ate his dinner. I wonder if hearing with one ear was just draining on him and making him fussy? He seems to be back to his good-natured self, which is a nice change to see! Hopefully he continues to like his implant again and we can move forward!

He was talking up a storm today too! He said bye-bye (instead of bye) and yo-yo. He also has the cutest growl for a lion! I can't wait to get that on tape!!!

It was a long day and I am exhausted, but at least today's outcome was much better than the visit to the Dr. last week!

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