Monday, June 23, 2008

Off to Wisconsin

Well, we are off to Wisconsin tomorrow to take part in a study for children who received bilateral implants at a young age. I am excited that Kevin is going to be a part of this study. I will help out in any way I can to show the benefits of receiving bilateral implants at a young age. I'm really excited about this trip... I just hope that Kevin cooperates during it. It is a long trip for a short amount of time, but it will be exciting, none-the-less.

I'll update when I get back and will tell you all about the study. I don't know too much about it right now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Go Dog Go and O'Tootles

Kevin continues to talk and talk and talk! He just loves the fact that he can say so much! The other day, my husband and I were talking about the books that we read Kevin versus the ones that we read our other (hearing) son at the same age. Our other son was very advanced verbally for his age, so the books he enjoyed were more advanced. Kevin still reads mainly simple 'board' books, but the length of the books are increasing. He loves 'Mr. Brown can Moo', 'There's a wocket in my pocket', and 'ABC book'. (He is almost 27 months) So, I decided to read him one of my other son's favorites when he was 2 years old, 'Go Dogs Go'. This is somewhat simple book, but lengthy. Kevin loved it wanted to read it again! I was so excited because up until recently, he could hardly sit still for a book and how he wants to read long ones! He seemed to understand the book too! I was very encouraged by this!

Today, my kids were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on tv. I was in the other room and I heard Mickey tell the kids to say 'O'Tootles' and then I heard Kevin yell 'O'Tootles'! I got such a kick out of him getting so into the tv. This is one show that really seems to capture his attention. It is nice to know that he hears and understands what the tv says! Yes, life is pretty normal for us right now!!! I couldn't be happier! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kevin had his mapping appts last Wednesday and Thursday. We split his mapping into 2 days now because he just has a hard time sitting still for all the tests for 3 hours. I love having the appointments on 2 days. It was soooo much less stressful on everyone. It also allowed Kevin to perform like a star because he wasn't so exhausted. You know how some days your kids just make you soooo proud? Well, these were 2 of those days. Kevin performed beautifully during the sound booth tests and dropped the ball in the basket when he heard the 'birdy'. He also said 'birdy' when he heard the sound. He was so reliable! This was the first time we got accurate individual ear tests. I was amazed at the results! He is hearing about 15-20db across the board for the left and 20-25db across the board on the right. With both ears he hears better than that! So, we are able now to start really fine tuning each ear to give him his optimal hearing. This is such an exciting time for him. He is just really starting to blossom and talks constantly! Actually, that was one of the hardest parts of the test. He can't stop talking for a minute and he needs to be silent during the test. It was quite amusing trying to keep him quiet so we could test his hearing. He was born to talk!!!

4 word sentences are now becoming the norm for him. The night of his mapping, I was laying in bed across from his crib trying to get him to sleep (we were staying out of town for the mapping, so I was in the same room as him). He knew I was there and looked up and said 'more juice please, Mommy'. He didn't even have his ears on at the time. As adorable and amazing as that was, I had to still say no. :)

As I was sitting with him in the sound booth trying to keep his attention so that he would do the test I was thinking how hard these kids really do have to work. I mean, how many 2 year olds are expected to sit still, be quiet, and drop a ball when they hear a sound. I know he has been doing these tests all of his life, but it still amazes me that he cooperates so much. I can see why many hearing impaired kids do so well in school. They have been 'trained' to sit still when you need them to!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kevin's first song

Kevin learned how to sing 'Happy Birthday' yesterday at his deaf school. He had a bad day there and I didn't think he was getting anything out of the day, but I guess I was wrong! Today, he brought out the microphone and started belting out 'Happy Birthday'. I couldn't get enough of it!!! It wasn't anyone's birthday in our house, but it is still fun for him to sing! This is his first song that he has ever really sung!!! Enjoy!

Some things to take notice of are: 1. his clarity is getting much better, 2. He actually gets some intonation in his singing 3. when Dad prompts him in the background, Kevin is doing something else, but still hears it and responds.

For some reason, I can't seem to upload a video to my blog, so you will have to click to youtube to view it. Sorry...

Monday, June 2, 2008


We were in Hawaii last week and the boys had a great time! This was the first time that Kevin really liked swimming and going on the beach. Maybe some of his sensory issues are lessening? He never liked different textures on his feet before, but this time he didn't seem to care about the sand. I was really happy that he liked swimming so much because we spend a lot of time in the pool during the Summer. I didn't try the Food Saver idea for water proofing the ears because I didn't want to lug it all the way there, but will definitely try that this Summer.

Kevin's language seems to be increasing daily. His clarity is getting better and better too. Yesterday he came up with a 4 word sentence that we all understood. 'Get my shoes off'. He wanted them off in the car and so he said that.

As a funny story, he learned a new word in Hawaii. We have been trying for a long time to get his 'p' sound to not sound like 'b'. He has been getting better at it, but he mastered it in Hawaii. I guess I have been teaching him the wrong words! Somehow he learned the word 'nipple'. He came running out of a room and pointed to his nipples and said 'nipple' clear as day! (I think his brother taught him that). Anyway, I guess he can say the 'p' sound. He then pointed to everyone's nipples and said it. He was very proud!!! :)

He also says 'open' very clear now. That was a word we have been working on FOREVER! He used to say 'oden', then it went to 'opesh', and now finally we have 'open'!!! It is amazing how mastering a single word can seem like such a victory!!!