Sunday, November 4, 2007

LTH Conference

John and I attened the Let Them Hear Foundation conference last Friday and Saturday. It was really a great conference!  The focus was on children with cochlear implants, so much of the information pertained to us. It was also great meeting people who are in our situation. We met some really great friends whose son was just bilaterally implanted. I am looking forward to getting our kids together. I think it will be a great friendship for Kevin to have.

We go back on Tuesday to put Kevin's processor back on. I am pretty nervous about this, but I do believe that we are experiencing difficulties due to the fluid in Kevin's ear. Hopefully we won't have to use too much 'tough love' to get him to like it again. I hope he cooperates with us! Keep your fingers crossed!

His hearing is continuing to improve. I was sitting behind him tonight and asking him to point to many objects, and he did it flawlessly! His expressive language is growing, but he still doesn't have too many perfectly clear words. I know what he is saying, but others might not. Hopefully he will develop that skill set soon and start talking more and more!

Hopefully the next time I write this, Kevin will be back to being bilateral!

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