Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Kevin just had his 3 month post activation mapping session today. He did fantastic!!! He heard down to 20 db and was consistent between 20 and 30 db across all frequencies. Some of hte soudns were so soft, I had a hard time hearing them! I can't believe how well he is hearing. What an incredible baby!!!

Everyone is so proud of how well he is doing. He was a very antsy little guy, but my Mom and a friend were there to distract him. At least he was in a good mood and not fussy. They didn't change the maps much, so that is a good sign that he was hearing pretty close to normal before this session.

Long day... I'm beat!


Drew's Mom said...

Yeah Kevin!

I am so happy to hear he is doing well!

Great job, Mom, on the updates!

OCDAC said...

Your blog is a valuable testament to the evolution of the deaf society. As the deaf society evolves, they shed some of their past so they can gain wonderful opportunities to participate in all aspects of our society.

Just keep the blog going, just keep the blog alive.

Richard Roehm
The Orange Deafie Blog

aaron said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. It particularly interested me as I am also the parent of a daughter with cochlear implants. Can you add my site to your list of links?

Good Luck with everything,