Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Realizing he is different

Kevin is starting to realize that he hears differently from other people. I knew this day would come, but I didn't realize he would start to understand at 14 months! Yesterday, he walked over to Ethan and touched his ear and pulled it back to check. Then he walked over to my ear, pulled it back and checked mine. Then he felt his and touched his processor. Seeing things like this is when it hits me with a ton of bricks that yes, he is deaf. I have a tendency to forget at times and then I see or hear something that brings me back to reality and it makes me sad. We had a big waterslide up this weekend and I put Kevin on it, but he doesn't like to be without his 'ears', so he didn't want to be on it. Then, I see other kids his age just crawl around on it having fun, and I think this isn't fair. But, that is life and we have to take what we have.

On a positive note, the technology still continues to amaze me and Kevin's progress does as well. He now points to his ear when he hears something and then points to the sound. That amazes me! I can't believe that he can do that already! As sad as I get at times, I am constantly encouraged at how well Kevin is doing and how close he is to his hearing peers in speech and language development.

The other day Ethan was walking around banging pot lids together. Kevin grabbed 2 and started joining him. There was so much racket in the house, but I loved it!!! You know why? It was great to see that Kevin wanted to join in because he could hear how much fun Ethan was having. Yea!!!

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