Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How well can he hear?

Most people ask how well can Kevin hear with the cochlear implant? Today, I think I have a great example of just how well he can hear and it is only 4.5 months post activation! We were swinging on a swing today at the park and another girl was swinging sitting the opposite way from him. There was the typical park noise and I was saying my typical 'swing high' and 'wheeee' sounds. The man pushing the girl (behind Kevin) ask his little girl for a 'high five'. As soon as he said that, Kevin turned around and held up a hand to give him a high five!!!! I was sooooo excited!

Also, last weekend at a 4th of July family event, there was a lot of comotion with all the kids running around and we asked Kevin where his belly button was. Kevin was standing about 10 feet from us and he pointed to it. Then we asked him where was Matthew's belly button (cousin) and he walked over and pointed at Matthew's belly button.

These are just some of many examples I am coming across that show just how great Kevin can hear!!!

On the expressive language update, today Kevin saw a cotton puff that we play with and he started saying in a very breathy tone 'pu, pu, pu'. He was really trying to say puff!!! He also tried to say 'that'. When I hand him something I make him say 'I want that' and then he has to repeat it to get it. This enforces the use of his voice and teaches him that his voice is powerful. Anyway, when he said it, there were distinct words and it almost sounded like he said 'that'. Pretty cool!!!

His receptive language has really skyrocketed, so I am assuming his expressive will not be that far behind!

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