Tuesday, June 5, 2007

3 Month Progress

It is amazing that only 3.5 months has passed since Kevin was activated! He is making such incredible progress. I am soooo proud of him! To date, he listens and understands much of what I say. He can follow simple tasks such as: stop and turn around, on your bottom, go get that, etc. He also says 5 words!!! He can say more, moon, up, ball, and bird. While they are not perfectly clear, he is defiinitely saying them! How can this be possible after only hearing for such a short time? Cochlear implants are truly miracle technology! Life is somewhat normal now with the exception of twice weekly therapy and constant talking on my part. Kevin is starting to let us know if one of the coils fall off, so that means he really likes sound more than quiet.

So far so good with everything. Keivn is a hard worker and he is proving to everyone that this disability will not be a set-back for him!
I'll try to update more frequently...

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Drew's Mom said...

So glad you left an update! I'm so happy and encouraged that Kevin is doing so well. 5 words - that would be great for a hearing baby at this age!!