Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wisconsin study

We came back last week from the Wisconsin study for bilateral CI toddlers. It was really interesting to have Kevin participate in the study. They are comparing bilateral children to single CI children in 2 areas. The first test was to see how well the child can detect directional hearing. Kevin sat in a soundbooth with multiple speakers arched in front of him. He was supposed to look at the speaker that the sound came from. Only 2 words were ever spoken, so after time, Kevin 'habituated' and became bored with the test. They repeated this test numerous times throughout the 2 days... needless to say, Kevin became very tired of this test!
The second test was to see how well a bilateral child can understand sound with background noise. Kevin watched a movie and eventually they started to add background sound while having Kevin point to the object they said. This test interested Kevin much more than the other one!

I was very pleased with how well Kevin did with these tests. It was also nice to see Madison, WI. The weather was great and we got to explore the city. Overall, it was a very good experience for all of us!

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