Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Good Day

Ahhh, the power of prayer! At least, I'll think that is what saved me today.

Kevin has been quite a stinker about putting his processors on after they are off (when he wakes up in the am, after nap, after swimming, etc) If they are on and it falls off, he replaces it right away, but if they are taken off, then he won't put them on. It is a real struggle for me! I have ignored him, bribed him, punished him, but nothing works. When HE finally decides it is time, they go on without any struggle and all is fine. Unfortunately, his time schedule isn't always the same as mine and that is where the issues come in. I am confident this is a 2 year old issue and he is just trying to exert his control, but it drives me bonkers!

So, this morning, we had to head out to his first day of summer school at his deaf school. The last few days of his school, he decided he hated it and cried the whole time. I was hoping a month off would change things. So, after really struggling with his processors, they were finally on and he was happy. Then I told him we had to go to school, and he lost it. He cried frantically! My husband and I straight-jacketed him in the carseat with him still wailing. After about 15 minutes of crying and me trying to reason with him, I just lost it! While driving, I looked up and just prayed to God that I needed a break and please give me the strength to deal with this. WHY, why, why????? I didn't know what else I could do!

So, he calmed down, clung to me for the first 5 minutes, and then realized that this school was FUN! He joined in, played with other kids, participated in everything, behaved during therapy, everything I could have hoped for. (or prayed for). Something just clicked! Maybe God heard my prayers. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but for now, I feel like we are headed uphill again instead of spiraling down at a fast rate!

Ahhh, the fun we have with toddlers!

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