Wednesday, July 30, 2008

cute expressions

Kevin has started saying some cute expressions, which just puts smiles on my face all day long! He really sounds like an ordinary little kid these days! One of his favorite new words is 'maybe'. I ask a question and he answers, 'Maybe....'. For instance, I ask 'where is Grandma and Grandpa'. He answers, 'maybe they went on an airplane'. or 'maybe they at home'. or 'Maybe they come here'. You get the idea. He says it with this cute little inflection and I just it so sweet!

Another one it 'Oh my goodness'. He sees something out of the ordinary and starts running around saying 'Oh my goodness, oh my goodness'. He almost shouts this one because he is so excited!

The last one is 'all right'. When he doesn't want to do something and he finally 'agrees', he says 'All right' with a little sigh. I know he gets all of these from either his brother or me, and maybe that is why I find them so funny, but I just love hearing him start to say normal everyday expressions. These weren't 'taught' expressions, but rather just ones that he picked up in ordinary conversation. I don't think I will ever NOT be amazed by the way he talks!!!

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Mom to Toes said...

Wow! That is wild. Those are some of Erin's favorite expressions, too. Especially "Oh my goodness!" Now she says "Oh my goodness, Oh my gosh!" haha