Monday, June 2, 2008


We were in Hawaii last week and the boys had a great time! This was the first time that Kevin really liked swimming and going on the beach. Maybe some of his sensory issues are lessening? He never liked different textures on his feet before, but this time he didn't seem to care about the sand. I was really happy that he liked swimming so much because we spend a lot of time in the pool during the Summer. I didn't try the Food Saver idea for water proofing the ears because I didn't want to lug it all the way there, but will definitely try that this Summer.

Kevin's language seems to be increasing daily. His clarity is getting better and better too. Yesterday he came up with a 4 word sentence that we all understood. 'Get my shoes off'. He wanted them off in the car and so he said that.

As a funny story, he learned a new word in Hawaii. We have been trying for a long time to get his 'p' sound to not sound like 'b'. He has been getting better at it, but he mastered it in Hawaii. I guess I have been teaching him the wrong words! Somehow he learned the word 'nipple'. He came running out of a room and pointed to his nipples and said 'nipple' clear as day! (I think his brother taught him that). Anyway, I guess he can say the 'p' sound. He then pointed to everyone's nipples and said it. He was very proud!!! :)

He also says 'open' very clear now. That was a word we have been working on FOREVER! He used to say 'oden', then it went to 'opesh', and now finally we have 'open'!!! It is amazing how mastering a single word can seem like such a victory!!!

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