Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kevin's first song

Kevin learned how to sing 'Happy Birthday' yesterday at his deaf school. He had a bad day there and I didn't think he was getting anything out of the day, but I guess I was wrong! Today, he brought out the microphone and started belting out 'Happy Birthday'. I couldn't get enough of it!!! It wasn't anyone's birthday in our house, but it is still fun for him to sing! This is his first song that he has ever really sung!!! Enjoy!

Some things to take notice of are: 1. his clarity is getting much better, 2. He actually gets some intonation in his singing 3. when Dad prompts him in the background, Kevin is doing something else, but still hears it and responds.

For some reason, I can't seem to upload a video to my blog, so you will have to click to youtube to view it. Sorry...


Laurie said...

How cute! I hear you tell him to take a bow at the end! He's doing really well. . .thanks for sharing!

elizabeth said...

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