Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Post-op report and a great day!

We had the post-op appointment today and the Dr. was absolutely thrilled with how well Kevin has recovered. In fact, he can start wearing his procecssor about 50% during the next week until his incision is completely healed. The Audi did some testing on the mapping to make sure everything stayed the same and everything looked good. The impedence levels were a little different due to the fact that his ear hasn't been stimulated in almost 2 weeks, but she said it would quickly go back to normal. He seemed totally fine when we turned it back on. yea!!! I'm glad to have his bilateral hearing back!!!

I am so thankful for many things regarding this accident. I feel very fortunate that Kevin's Dr. was not traveling, as he sometimes does, and was able to get Kevin in for surgery so quickly. I am also thankful that Kevin was well. He has been battling colds and even had the stomach flu the week prior to this, but last week he was 100% healthy! If he is going to fall, at least he has good timing!!! :)

Kevin reached another milestone today. He walked up to a complete stranger and initiated conversation! He walked up to a little girl and said 'hi' very clearly! My deaf son started a conversation! I almost cried right then and there! He is definitely not my shy one!!!

Another interesting thing happened today. While we were waiting for Kevin's appointment, I was entertaining my 3.5 year old hearing son. We ran into another little boy (15 months) with bilateral implants. After Ethan saw the boy, he said, 'Mommy, Look' and pointed at the boy. I told him, 'yes, he has the same ears as your brother has. Isn't that neat!'. Ethan then said, 'no, mommy, he is wearing a Lightening McQueen shirt!'. I was completely taken back. I thought he was looking at the implants, but he was just looking at the shirt. This was a big lesson to me. We, as adults, often think that outside appearances matter so much and are so self-conscience of what other people think. Children, bless their hearts, just look beyond appearances. It doesn't matter what someone looks like to them. They just enjoy the person for who they are. I wish everyone could have the innocence of children with respect to this. It was really a beautiful moment for me to witness.

I haven't really mentioned Kevin's love for music much on this blog. It is quite remarkable, but he just loves music and dances to it all the time. He even tries to sing the songs. When we are church, he just belts out the songs! So far, cochlear implants hasn't had a negative impact on his love and appreciation of music. I wonder if he will be playing musical instruments in the future???...

So, all in all, this is a good day. I'm really glad because this Friday marks the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of the diagnosis of being deaf. It is amazing how much life can really change in just 1 year!!!

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