Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We just got back from our Disneyland vacation! Kevin did really well with all of the excitement and sount stimulation. He didn't get scared of any of the sounds, which I thought was really great considering so many of them are loud. He did seem to have a harder time hearing us because of all of the loud background noise, but at least he wasn't aggitated by all of the noise.

We stayed with my brother and his family and Kevin actually started calling my nephew Max, 'Ma'. I couldn't believe he could say his name! He also called their dog Tinker, 'tnker'. It was very high pitch and quiet, but he was definitely trying to say it.

The whole vacation went really well up until he got the stomach flu on Saturday night. He is still recovering from it, but his spririts seem to be fine.

Just knowing he could hear 'It's a Small World' brought joy to my face because last year we went right before he was diagnosed and there was so much uncertainty. I love Cochlear Implants!!!

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