Sunday, April 13, 2008


Kevin is starting to add 's' to the end of words. I can't believe I can actually hear and understand it, but he is starting to do it! Today, before naptime he wanted to read the book 'Doggies'. He usually just calls it 'doggie', but he actually said 'doggies'. Wow! I was blown away. He also said the 's' on another word, but I forget which one it was. What is more exciting is that I can understand the entire word, not just the first part of it. This tells me that his clarity is getting better and better!

Also, he is now putting his coil on his head about 80% of the time by himself. He is especially good at it when he has toupe tape on the processor, because that holds the processor to his ear. If there isn't tape on that part, then it usually comes off of his ear and he can't put the processor on by himself yet. But, if it stays on his ear, then he can slap that coil on and resume his activities! It is so cute to see him stop, put the ear on, and then go on playing like nothing happened. It is just the way of life with him and he doesn't seem bothered by it at all!

I am really enjoying these small milestones. I took the fact that my other son would talk for granted and never paused for a minute when he had these milestones (like adding an 's' to make a plural), but I will NEVER take for granted what Kevin can do. I also am trying to not take for granted anything with my other son anymore. I realize that hearing or not, it is God's miracle that any of us can talk and communicate like we do!


Misha said...

Beautiful blog! I love reading about other CI kids and their progress. It is an amazing and exciting journey, even if it is taken in baby steps! Good luck and keep up your good work!

Landon's Mom said...

I think I spend 90% of my day putting Landon's coils or processors back on. I can't wait until he can do it himself.
Kevin is doing so great!!!
BTW, you've been tagged. Check out my blog to find out more.

Val said...

I won't tell the "s" word my seven year old can say!! ugh, they learn a lot in school. But there were times when I'd given anything to hear a "s" word, or any word for that matter. My daughter (also deaf w/cis)she has w/in the last year got her "s's" and if you watch her latest video about the hear her OVERCOMPENSATE which some kids do...she adds an extra s when it's not needed. She just needs to practice. He's doing great, love to read about this little man.

Drew's Mom said...'ve been tagged...again.