Saturday, January 26, 2008

made my day

Kevin sure does know how to put a smile on my face. He also knows how to get me frustrated, and that is how this story starts...
He is getting over a cold and is getting his last molars in, so this past week he has been particularly fussy. I also think he is starting to get frustrated with not being able to communicate as well as he wants to, but hopefully that will just continue to get better. Anyway, I was getting pretty tired of his whining and crying this morning and trying to get the kids ready to go out and all of a sudden, clear as a bell, he said 'more ice'. We all stopped and looked and he was looking at us holding up his mesh thing that I put ice in to help with his teething. I was so excited and completely forgot about the fussing. I gladly gave him more ice! His speech seems to be coming along really well right now. He also said 'doll' really well tonight too. I even got him to say 'I love you' having him repeat each word after I said it. Now, that sounded more like 'I da uuu', but he did know what I was trying to have him say and he got a big smile afterwards. At least he is really trying to say everything I ask of him.
More ice.... his first 'prefect speech' 2 word sentence! He really does know how to put a smile on my face after a long day! :)

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