Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An auditory child

Kevin is starting to do something that only someone with CIs can do. He has quite a personality and he is really starting to crack me up! Let me first give you some background information on this story:
We are huge fans of the Supernanny. We use the 'naughty corner' with both of our children and it has proven to be extremely effective. If either one of the kids are misbehaving, we give them a warning and if the behavior continues, we put them in the naughty corner. Well, Kevin has always been a huge challenge to diaper and dress. He fusses and throws fits all the time. He has gotten better, but there are times when it is still difficult. The hardest time to change Kevin is right after his bath, because his ears are off and he can't hear me. I have become very impatient with this behavior, so I have started to grab the processor, put it on his head, tell him he is going to go to the naughty corner if this continues, and then remove the processor, get him dressed, and be done with it.

Well, now everytime he acts up without his ears on, I just move to grab the processor and he immediately lays down and behaves. I don't even have to put them to his head, I just reach for them! He even did this in the bath tonight when he was starting to act up over something. It just cracks me up that Kevin acts like he doesn't understand me without his hearing. Trust me, there are plenty of gestures, facial expressions, and mouthing of words for him to get the gist, but he cleverly acts as if he has no idea what is going on until he gets his sound input. I know I shouldn't get a smile on my face for this, but I really do. He is truly an auditory child!!!

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