Monday, September 3, 2007

It was a cold...

Kevin has a cold today. He caught it from Ethan, his brother, so I am not surprised by this, but I think he was so cranky yesterday not JUST from the mapping, but also from coming down with a cold. I don't know if he would have reacted to adversly to the program if he felt great, but I do think it is right to stop using that old program. He seems to be hearing so much better with his old one. He is back to hearing the quietest of sounds like my husband's cell phone notifying him of an email and house fans.

He can now also say 'bun' for bunny, which is his special stuft animal. Being able to communite with words makes my life sooo much easier. We are still in the guessing game phase, but I think in another 6 months, he will be talking quite a bit!!!

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