Friday, September 28, 2007

ADRO working great!

It has been a few weeks since we turned on ADRO and Kevin seems to be liking it. I think I notice a difference in his talking. Maybe I am just looking too hard, but he does seem to be talking more and better. He still doesn't say too many real words yet (bun for bunny, mnnn for moon, etc), but his intonation is great and he has 'baby talk' for a lot of words. He receptive language is great!!! The other day, I was talking to a neighbor about us going to see firetrucks for a field trip and all of a sudden Kevin started doing a siren sound. He heard the word firetruck and picked it out of the conversation I was having. It is truly remarkable!

Kevin contines to love his music class. I can't believe how well he does in it! He is so vocal and loves to dance to the music. I am excited for when his articulate language comes, but at least he is communicating really well right now!!! I have to remember, he is only 17 months old! :)

His two favorite words continue to be Daddy and Doggy. He has perfected both of those! 'Mommy' has been all over the map. Anything from 'bobby' to 'pr-ty'. I'll be celebrating the day he actually says 'mommy'!!! :) The audi says it is normal for his language to develop like this, but you would think he would have perfected mommy before daddy!!! :) hahahaha! Just my competitive side coming out....

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Drew's Mom said...

I'm excited to hear that you think there is a differenct in Kevin's speech/sounds with ADRO. We felt the exact same way! Once the ADRO program was turned on Drew's babbling really exploded. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that he had been hearing for about two months at that point or the change in the program.