Monday, September 17, 2007


I turned on ADRO today for Kevin. He didn't seem to mind having it on, which is a relief considering he was so upset with the last map change. He only wore ADRO for about 5 hours today because I changed it after his nap, but his talking did seem to change a bit. Maybe I am just looking for something, but he did seem to speak the words less breathy. We'll see how it goes...

He loves his music class! We went to the 2nd one today. It is ironic, but he is one of the most vocal kids in the class! He 'sings' the entire time. It almost makes me cry to witness it because I am just so happy that he can experience the music and seems to really enjoy it. I definitely want to keep up the class for while. I think it is helping with his babble and lets him explore more tones when he talks.

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