Monday, December 15, 2008

new sounds and Happy Holidays!

Wow, what a difference a year or two makes in someone's life! 2 years ago, we had recently found out about Kevin's deafness and were going through the CI evaluation process. I remember Dec. 23 clearly... that is when Dr. Roberson walked in the room and said Kevin had 'a date with hardware'. He meant that all checked out well with Kevin's anatomy and that his surgery would be scheduled for a few weeks later! That Christmas was filled with sorrow, anticipation, and worry about Kevin and the whole unknown.

Last year, Kevin was well on his road with his CI and was a little over 18 months old and talking like an 18 month old. We did have that bump in the road when Kevin fell in October and knocked the internal magnet out and he had to have another surgery to fix that. That was a month of unexpected drama, but a blip in the road in the long run. He was doing great, but 18 month olds still don't really 'talk' like a person yet. I felt no more sorrow, but still had anticipation about him really talking, and, of course, worry about Kevin and the whole unknown.

Ahhh, this year! This year has been pure bliss with respect to Kevin's CIs. He is now talking like a regular natural hearing 2.5 year old and won't ever be quiet! He is processing information and returning thoughtful answers to questions, not just regurgitating words. In other words, he is REALLY talking!!! It has been so much fun watching him learn new sounds and new vocabulary. So, now I don't have any sorrow, no anticipation about him talking, but of course, I still have worry because I am a Mother and I think I always will. Part of the job description of being a Mom is being able to worry for your children because they shouldn't be burdened with that.

On to the new sound... Kevin can finally say 'G'. He says it very good at the end of words (pig, dog, hug) but just today started a word with a G sound. He said 'goat'. Up until now it was 'doat', but now he has 'goat'! Yea!!!! Now, the only sound that he hasn't really mastered is 'k'. Ironically, his name starts with that, but it will make it that much sweeter when he finally gets it! He can say it in isolation, just not in words yet.

I know that many more fun times await us in the next year!
Happy Holidays!!!

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