Monday, December 22, 2008

K sound is here!!!

Yea, just in time for a great Christmas present for us, Kevin can say 'k'! He actually can say his name if he really concentrates and thinks about, otherwise it still sounds like 'Devin'. The ending 'k' sound is coming pretty easily now. He says things like 'lock', 'book', etc with complete ease. It is strange how all of a sudden, just one day he can now say 'k'. Has he been holding out on me just so I would get a nice Christmas present? :) I have noticed that his tongue is moving a lot more now. He has some oral-motor issues and we have been working on his tongue movement a lot in therapy, and I guess it is starting to pay off.

What fun that my boy can now officially say his name!!! Now for our last name.... well that will be a while! Talk about a HARD name for a deaf child!!!

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