Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Kevin started to say 'ing' at the end of words today. I was really excited because it means that he is really hearing the ending of words. For example, we were working on saying 'sliding' and 'swinging' and he actually said the 'ing'.

Our therapy sessions are getting increasingly more difficult as he is getting more and more '2', but we still seem to be making progress, so I can't be too concerned about it. Everyone assures me that he is very typical, but his strong-will personality doesn't make doing 'therapy' for 45 minutes easy. Just when I think he isn't getting anything out of a session, he goes and says 'ing'. Go figure!!!


Mom to Toes said...

Oh, boy, can I relate to the therapy struggles! Sometimes Erin starts putting her coat on after 15 minutes and we spend the next 30 trying to convince her to play.


But, I imagine even that verbal interaction is language building.

Drew's Mom said...

I think Kevin's stong will is one of the reasons he is doing so well! Plus, I don't think that therapy is the reason he's doing so well - it's you!