Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our lucky boy

Kevin says so much on a daily basis that I would love to 'blog' about, but I just don't seem to find the time. My New Year's resolution is to capture more of his comments on this blog. I know I will love reading them in the future.
Anyway, he did say something yesterday that I thought was very blog worthy! We were in the snow and his Grandpa pulled his hat on forgetting that it would knock his CI's off. So, as he was getting him put back together, Grandpa was having a hard time finding the magnet spot to put the coil back on. He asked Kevin to just do it, and Kevin replied, 'It goes right on the magnet, Grandpa. (click) I'm so lucky I have a magnet so that it sticks to my head!'. I just thought that was priceless because he doesn't really know what is in his head or what was involved with getting the implant. He just knows he has a magnet in his head that sticks the CI on. What a lucky boy to have a magnet in his head!!!

Other fun news to keep this up to date is that Kevin performed in 3 Christmas concerts this month. He sang many songs from his mainstream preschool, We wish you a Merry Christmas from his oral-deaf school, and 2 church songs from our church. It truly is a miracle of a gift to hear your deaf child sing in a microphone his Christmas songs! He loves to sing... does it all the time. Did I mention that Santa brought him a microphone for Christmas???? :)

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jacobsoliva said...

It was a surprising and impressive story shred in this post.I throughly enjoyed reading about Kevin....he is surely a lucky boy.