Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super Agent Oso

Daddy is brushing his teeth this morning.
Enter Kevin bouncing in.
Kevin: (talking rapid fire fast) Daddy, I am Special Agent Oso and you have to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth. You are wasting water and it is all going down the drain and we are going to run out. I learned this on Special Agent Oso.
Daddy: (turning off water) Thank you Special Agent Oso. I'm glad you taught me this.
Mommy: (turning head so that Kevin doesn't see her laugh hysterically as tears stream down).

Moments like this are priceless to us. This is from our child who wasn't supposed to ever utter a word, let alone hear cartoon characters teach lessons!

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Drew's Mom said...


And, we love Special Agent Oso in our house. In fact, I'm watching it as I type this!