Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mainstream Preschool

Well, Kevin has adjusted well to his mainstream preschool this week. He loves it and is doing so great! This is the same school as his brother went to, so I expected him to like it, but he really LOVES it! He is so proud that he gets to go to his own school now. I guess he doesn't consider his auditory-oral school a big boy school. I think he understands that this is different because he is the only CI kid here. There are only 12 kids there and so far, he is hearing and understanding what is being said. He came home singing a new song that they learned today. I was very impressed because that tells me that he is really hearing and understanding what is being said.

I gave a little presentation today to the class about cochlear implants and gave out some coloring books to the kids on CIs. They enjoyed holding a CI and trying to put it on their head. Kevin all of a sudden said, 'See, when I pull my ears off (and took his coils off) I can't hear you. (then he put them back on again) And now I can!'. It was really cute!

I am just so proud of him and how much he has accomplished. My other son started Kindergarten this week and I am already taking notes about things that will be difficult for Kevin in a large school. At least we have 2 more years to work even more on his hearing!

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