Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beyond any expectations!

Kevin had his latest mappings yesterday and today. We still split the mappings in 2 day, one for each ear. It is so much less stressful on everyone and we seem to get better sound booth results when Kevin isn't at his wits end from sitting and testing for 3+ hours. This was his first mapping in which was 6 months from his last one. Before that, they were every 3 months. I'm very excited that neither of his maps changed very much. That means that his hearing is stabilizing and he shouldn't have very many fluctuations in the future. His audiogram was fantastic! He is hearing bascially 10-20db across the board with one frequency at 25db. Our audi warned us that they usually don't like CI kids to hear at 10db with his low frequency because it means that all sounds might be too loud for him. For instance, the hum of a computer might sound the same as someone talking. Kevin has never seemed to have a problem with this, but she turned his map 'down' to account for this. After changing his map, he still tested at 10db. I guess he just is really in tune with these sounds! The funny thing is that he tested to 10db on both sides!

Now for the really exciting news! Because Kevin is a pretty mature child and has great language skills, she decided to test his listening skills in the booth where she gives him random sentences and he needs to repeat them. She said that they usually don't think about giving this test until a child is at least 4. Kevin isn't even 3 yet. Kevin is very helpful with all testing, so she thought she would give it a try. I forget the name of this test, but the audi reads a random sentence while covering her mouth so Kevin can't lip read and Kevin needs to repeat the sentence back. With his right ear, he did this with 92% accuracy and his left ear had 98% accuracy!!! Wow!!!! What this signifies is that Kevin's auditory memory skills are incredible and that he is really listening, hearing, and confidently accepting what he thinks he hears. These sentences were completely out of context and used a pretty high vocabulary. The test used words that we don't use everyday like 'dishcloth', 'soaking', etc. Needless to say, I am pretty ecstatic right now at how well Kevin is doing. How can 2 years make such a difference in our lives? If anyone is reading this that is just starting their CI journey, please keep your faith. Your child will be fine and in a few years, I bet you won't be able to keep your kid quiet either!!!


susannah said...

saw your comment on my blog and found my way here. wow- so encouraging to read ahead on our journey!! is kevin at jwposd?

Kristen said...

No, he is at CCHAT. I'm glad you found us. Good luck with everything. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Drew's Mom said...

Hey, I don't comment a lot, but I'm always reading. I'm so glad that Kevin continues to flourish! These little guys are just amazing.

I get so scared sometimes that the progress will stop and we'll just be at a stand still. I guess we always have to worry about something! It's nice to see that he continues to surpass all expectations!