Sunday, January 25, 2009

cute stories

I have some cute stories to share today.
I was reading the 'Voices' magazine the other day and left it on my bed. Yesterday, Kevin came running down the hallway all excited and pointed to the picture on the front and said, 'Look, Mom! She has a cochlear implant just like me!'. He was so excited to see that in a magazine and he wanted to see everyone with an implant throughout the magazine. It really made me realize that it is so important for us to have pictures of other people with an implant throughout the house. Whether it be books, magazines, or other CI friends, Kevin needs to see that there are other people having fun who wear an implant. I guess I never realized that he would take notice of something like that so young.

Also, on the drive home tonight from my parents, it was dark and we were just having a typical conversation. We must have been talking about how dark it was and how late it was and Kevin told me that, 'I wear cochlear implants and I have lights on my ears. Maybe I can help you see the road, Mommy'. He wanted to use the red blinking lights on his processors to help me see the road! He and his brother proceeded to have a conversation about why this would work and why not. My 4.5 year old, of course, was right with his argument, but I have to say that Kevin, at 2.5, gave pretty good arguments for his case. Most importantly, though, was the completely normal conversation they had as two brothers riding home in the car. This is something that at one point in my life, would never happen. It is hard to believe that in such a short time, things are basically where they would be if Kevin was born hearing...

I just had to share these stories because they put a smile on my face!

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