Friday, September 12, 2008


Tonight, Kevin said baseball! He has been omitting his initial and mid-word 's' sound for a while, and we have been working with him on saying them. He can get them if he really works at it. For some reason, the ending 's' sound comes much more naturally to him. He is even saying some plurals.

Well, tonight he was looking at a baseball and he kept calling it a bay-ball. I worked with him to get him to say bay-s-ball and finally he was able to say baseball so perfectly well! It flows off of his tongue very naturally now! Hooray! Maybe this will be a start of the 's' sounds...! Let's hope every 's' word doesn't take as much work... but at least he is starting to say them!

It is very fun conversing with him now. I understand him most of the time and he is a little chatterbox! He has a lot to say and he uses full sentences to speak. He is turning into a big boy right in front of me!

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Dustin, Heather and Gavin said...

I found your blog!! My son is Gavin and he is deaf has a CI on the left ear and right ear is a HA.
Gavin has LVA. He has been activiated for two weeks. I was wanting to know how old is Kevin and he is doing so great!
Please feel free to look at our blog